Real Money Live Dealer Online Casinos

Live Casino DealerWith casino dealers and croupiers dealing out playing cards and spinning the roulette wheels fully on view via a live video stream, and as you can place bets on wagers remotely onto those gaming tables from home, playing live dealer casino games is going to be just as fun and entertaining as when you visit a land based casino!

You will find that there are quite a number of different casino card and table games on offer to players who utilize such a gaming platform, and there are lot of casinos that offer a live gaming platform.

You will find bonuses are given away and casino comps are also awarded to everyone playing real money live dealer casino games so make sure you do give these great playing games some play time soon.

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Reasons to Play Live Dealer Casino Games

There are several reasons why we think you really should be taking a look at playing live dealer casino game online and below you will find three or the many reasons we think you should give some of these great playing and potentially high paying casino games some play time online.

  • You will be able to play and interact with other players when playing live dealer casino games.
  • You are always going to be earning casino comp points when playing those games in a real money playing environment.
  • Plenty of different casino games will be on offer on which you can play for different stake amounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I play live dealer games?

    To be able to access and play live dealer casino games you will need to sign up to any of our featured casino sites that have them on offer. You will then need to log into those casino sites and choose one of the live games you wish to play.

    Once the game launches you will be allocated a space at one of their open tables, however do be aware that if a game is currently in play you will only be able to place your bets and wagers on that game once the currently in play game ends.

  2. What live dealer game has the best house edge?

    You will be looking for a low house edge live dealer casino game to play and as such one game that we can recommend to you is the live dealer blackjack game which is available at the Party Casino site, thanks to the design and payout structure of that game you will be getting the best chances of winning when you play it.

    All live dealer casino games should be played strategically and optimally so not matter which casino games you are looking to play always play them perfectly to increase your overall winning chances.

  3. Can I play live dealer games for low stakes?

    You will be able to play live dealer casino games for the stake levels that you wish to play them for, you will find that the minimum stake option available is 1.00 per hand so configuring these types of casino games to play for some very low stake amounts will be easy to do. Plus remember that at any time you are going to be able to increase the stakes at which you play these games if you wish to play for high stakes.

  4. Which live dealer casino site has a large sign up bonus?

    Bonuses are available at all of our mobile and casino sites, however one site that does offer all live dealer casino game players some very large sign up bonuses is the 888 Casino site. In fact if you sign up today you are going to be able to make use of a huge valued deposit match bonus on which up to £800 in bonus credits can be claimed.

    Live dealer casino games available at this casino site are supplied by many different companies and as such you will also find there are often lots of new games also on offer.

  5. Do all casinos offer real money live dealer games?

    We have listed on our website a range of different online casinos that offer many different types of live dealer casino games, some of those sites use Microgaming software, some use Playtech software and you will find others that have multiple different suppliers’ games on offer including both proprietary games and NetEnt supplied games.

    So take a look around for you are going to find plenty of differently structured and designed live dealer casino games on offer to you are each of the many top rated UK casino sites we have reviewed and showcased on our website.


You will find that you are going to have access to lots of different types of casino games that are available when playing at a site offering Playtech’s Live Dealer Gaming Platforms. If you are interested in play casino games in that tope of playing environment then read on for an overview of each of the different game categories available.

Live Dealer Blackjack – You will be able to interact with all of your fellow playing sat around your live dealer blackjack table and that does mean that when playing Blackjack games in this way you will be having just as social a gaming session as you would experience when playing Blackjack in a land based casino setting!

Live Dealer Roulette – It is going to be one of the most exciting Roulette game playing experiences you will be having when you play live dealer Roulette games and lots of different chip value settings and table limits are on offer.

Live Dealer Baccarat – You will always find a seat at one of the live dealer casino sites if you are looking o play Baccarat which is one of the easiest casino card games you can play.

Live Dealer Casino Hold’em – Make sure you also take a look at how to play live dealer Casino Hold’em for this is the type of casino card game that can award players with some huge winning payouts if there are dealt out one of the higher valued hand combinations.