Paypal Casino Sites

PaypalAs you are a UK based casino game player then you may be pleased to learn that out are going to be able to use a Paypal web wallet as the way you can fund your casino accounts online. By using Paypal to do just that you can move money instantly into any online or mobile casino account and also get paid your winnings from those sites.

If you are wondering just what types of casino games you can play when you choose to fund your casino account sing Paypal then every type of casino game you will find offered in a land based casino will be available at Paypal accepting casino sites plus plenty of other great playing and often very high paying casino games you may never have come across before.

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Benefits of Using Paypal as a Casino Banking Option

There are three main reasons why we think you should start using Paypal as your preferred banking option at any online or mobile casino site you choose to play at, an below you will find each of those three different reasons!

  • You will be able to get paid your winnings more or less instantly when you use Paypal.
  • Unlike many other banking options you will not be charged for topping up a casino account when you use your Paypal account.
  • Bonuses are available to everyone who signs up to one of our featured casinos and uses PayPal to make their initial deposit into those sites!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much can I deposit using Paypal?

    You will find that all online and mobile casino sites will have a range of different minimum and maximum deposit limits available at their respective sites. So if you are looking to make some small modest sized deposit into any such casino account using Paypal then shop around or a site that will offer you low deposit limits.

  2. How do I deposit money into my Paypal account?

    You will be able to send money into your Paypal account at any time of the night or day if you wish to top up the balance of that account. You will be able to use a debit card for example or a credit card however many people prefer to send money instantly via their online banking, so you will always be able to find a way of instantly topping up your Paypal account when you need to use it.

  3. Are bonuses awarded or making deposits using Paypal?

    You are going to get offered just as many casino bonuses when you have chosen to use your Paypal account to top us the balance of your online or mobile casino account as you would be offered using any type of banking option.

    So do hunt around for there are currently some very high valued bonuses on offer from each of our UK licensed and regulated top rate online and mobile casino sites. In fact you will often find that you are often a multi stage bonus when you are a new player at some of our listed casino sites so when you join up there will be multi different deposit match bonuses that will become available to you!

  4. How long does it take to receive winnings by Paypal?

    If you play at an online casino and have made a deposit into that site previous using Paypal then as soon as you have requested a winning cash out from such a site they will be able to pay you your winning back to your Paypal account.

    You will find that within a second or two of them processing your winnings back to your Paypal web wallet account those winnings will then show up in that account, so you will always have instant access to your winnings which will be paid out very quickly!

  5. Can I open a Paypal account is a different currency?

    You will not need to open up a different Paypal account should you be looking for a way of moving money around the web but in a different currency to your own home currency. Paypal are going to allow you to send money to anyone at any time and in any worldwide currency you wish to send.

    However, always be aware that the currency exchange rate you will be offered by Paypal will be determined by them and as such always check what exchange rate you are getting as there may be some slightly better rates offered elsewhere. But the Paypal rates are usually quite reasonable.


You will of course need to open up an account via the PayPal Website if you wish to use that particular web wallet as the way of funding your online or mobile casino accounts. However, if you do have such an account already then take a look at the following casino and casino game guides which will help you select which games to play and where to play them!

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