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Value is something that everyone who places a bet or wager online or via their mobile device is looking to get and that value can come in many different forms. However, when you are placing bets and wagers on both sporting events and sporting fixtures as a punter you will always be on the lookout for betting sites that offer you the highest valued odds.

In fact that was the main aim of BetFair when they launched their revolutionary betting exchange many, many years ago for instead of punters having to take the odds being offered by a bookmaker their betting exchange allowed and still does allow punters to both place and lay bets at the same time.

That means you will have two different choices when you sign up to that betting exchange, you can take the odds being offered on any sporting fixture and when you take those odds you will in fact be placing your bet with another customer of the BetFair betting exchange, or you can become a bookmaker yourself and take bets from other punters and as such you will be laying those bets at odds you are prepared to give to those punter s on any sporting event!

This really is a great way of getting extra value from any sports related bets and wager you place, however there is more to just a betting exchange at BetFair as you will discover by reading through this review of their gaming sites.

Why We Approved Betfair Casino

  • The BetFair Casino was launched fairly recently with the aim of giving all of the customers of the BetFair betting exchange a range of welcome distractions! If you love playing any type of casino games then you really will be spoilt for choice as they have plenty of the available.
  • When you are ready to start playing or real money then you can switch over to play those casino games in a real money environment and some generous bonuses will be made available to you!
  • When using the betting exchange by asking for and hopefully then getting the odds you wanted from any betting event you wish to place a bet on that will ensure you are never going to find other betting sites offering you higher odds, so make sure before you ask for odds you take a look at what the average odds are for whatever it is you are thinking of placing a wager on and then add a point or two onto those odds!
  • Another site that has recently gone live is the BetFair Poker site and being such a busy site you are always going to find plenty of opponents to sit down and play, the offer both free to play poker games which will allow you to be able to gain a much playing experience as you like however when you are happy that you know how any poker game players and pays then you can switch over to playing or real money.

Bonus Details

As BetFair have several different betting and gambling sites you are going to find a new player bonus on offer at all of their gaming sites. Those offers include deposit match bonuses and ongoing promotional offers which will see the percentage of your winnings you have to pay as commission dropping in value the more you wager.

Customer Support

Customer support is something that BetFair prides themselves on, you will find you can email their around the clock customer support team, give them a call on the telephone or you are always free to utilize their instant chat facility if you would prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the Games Available for Free?

    One thing worth noting is that you can sign up to the BetFair Casino and give their games as much free play time as you like, so if you have always wanted to play some different casino games than the usual ones you play there will be plenty of choice available to you.

  2. What are the Most Played Poker Games?

    You will find both cash ring games are also available 24 hours a day at BetFair Poker and you will also find plenty of poker tournaments for you to get stuck into playing. In fact do make sure you take a look at the poker tournament schedule as there will be plenty of them about to start no matter when you log into their poker platform.

  3. Does BetFair Offer In-Play Betting?

    Betting is the main business at BetFair and whilst you will always be assured of finding a sporting event to bet on that you are looking for also before it starts you are also going to be able to bet in play which is what a lot of sports bettors are now doing.

Customer Reviews

  1. Brian says:

    Never had any type of problems betting or getting paid by BetFair, one thing which I would like them to consider is lowering their commission rates as us small stake punters do want plenty of value when we bet!

  2. John says:

    I have never failed to be able to get a bet on whatever I want to bet on, unlike some of the more traditional bookmakers who have this knack of restricting your account when you are winning.

  3. Alan says:

    The poker betting game which is on offer at BetFair is bloody addictive! However, I have to say it offers as near as true odds as I have found and gives you plenty of chances of hedging your

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