BetFair Mobile App

BetFair have come a long way since they first launched their betting site, and what made that site so very different from all others is that it was a betting exchange as opposed to a standard bookmaking site.

You would have two different ways of betting when you signed up and started to use the BetFair betting exchange as it is designed as a peer to peer betting platform on which you are betting against other punters logged into that platform.

You will be able to ask for odds on any sporting event in the hope that one of the other people logged into that site is prepared to take your bet or you can take the odds being offered by those other punters. Not only that but you can lay a bet and as such you for all intents and purposes become a bookmaker and odds layer yourself!

BetFair take a small commission for all bets and wagers placed and laid on their betting exchange and this brand new way of betting really has struck a chord with punters the world over a you always tend to get much higher odds being offered on their betting exchange.

However, as BetFair has expanded into new areas and with the launch of their different mobile apps you will find you can place more than just bets and wagers of sporting events and fixtures and as such read on to find out more.

Sports Betting Opportunities

We are fairly confident in fact completely confident that no matter what type of sporting event or sporting fixture you wish to place a bet on you will find that sporting event covered in one of the betting markets at BetFair.

As you are able to ask for your own odds on any sporting event or fixture that does of course mean you will always be getting the best value and can lock in some much higher valued returns when using their betting platform.

Beware that you will also be able to place a bet once any sporting event has got under way as they also offer a wide range of in play betting markets too, so you can hedge your bets placed before the start of those sporting events once they get under way!

Mobile Casino Games

If you much prefer playing casino games then no matter what type of game you love playing you are going to find it available via the BetFair mobile casino app.

They have more slots than you could ever want or need to play and their range of low house edge casino card and table games is also very impressive. However you are also going to find lots of other casino games including novelty types of games and games such as video poker and keno.

As all of the games come with configurable taking options then you will not only be able to play at your own pace but you can set the games to all play off for stakes you can comfortably afford to play then for.

Poker App

You will be able to play any type of poker game you want when you download the poker app available from BetFair onto your mobile device and you will never be forced to have to play for very high stake amounts either as there are lots of differently structured poker games on offer with stake limits you can afford.

Free play poker games can also always be accessed via their app so if you just want to improve your poker playing skills and abilities then allocate some time to playing in a free play mode.

Mobile Bingo Games

To ensure every type of gambler is going to be able to play games and bet on whatever it is they are looking for BetFair have also recently launched their very own Bingo app. So if bingo is what you love playing then you will find plenty of live bingo games always on offer to you via that app.

To get even more bingo playing value make sure that you make use of their very large and instantly credited new bingo player sign up welcome bonus and also make sure you take advantage of their ongoing bingo offers which will allow you to get even more bingo playing value from your gaming budget.

The app is of course highly advanced and as such it comes with all of the bells and whistles that online bingo sites have on offer!

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